Happy Mother’s Day

We’ll gather ‘round THE TABLE. She’s prepared us a meal.

Eat, share, laugh, wish, and reminisce.

We call her blessed. I long to serve my family… just like Momma.


37 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Thank you for those blessings and wishes kind lady. May you, and aaaalllllllll those mothers out there be blessed for the love they have created. It is a special Grace indeed to share what only mothers can 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. Vicki

    Happy mother’s day! Enjoy the moment & embrace the future knowing you are part of creating & nurturing 2 great sons & wonderful daughters-in-laws & beautiful grandbabies! Have an awesome day! 😃💕💙❤🌸🌹

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    1. Vicki, thank you so much sweet lady. I cherish the memories and the moments I will have with them. And the same blessings to you on this Mother’s Day! 💛🌸💜🤗❤️


  3. Mothers are special people. They provide love and care in ways only mothers can. My brother, sister, and I were blessed to spend time at mum and dad’s house over the weekend just passed, and it was wonderful. It isn’t always, being that spending time with some family can sometimes be tough, but this time was joyous and so worthwhile.

    Thank you for this reminder to share kindness and love, to let the people we care about know, especially wonderful mothers. ♥

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    1. What a beautiful response, Hamish. Mothers everywhere would appreciate your kind words of thoughtfulness. It’s not easy at times indeed. But family, aside from God, will always be there with effort. I’m blessed that my youngest son, daughter-in-law, and grandgirl are coming today to stay through tomorrow before they fly home Saturday. My other son and his family are home in Alaska now. I know your parents enjoyed having you and your sibling home. You’re a special man, Hamish! God bless you!

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