Is chronic incurable?
Will it ever end? 
Those feelings of joy that long-stand in the heart,
The next day the pain that tries to rip it apart.
It’s persistent and difficult and some just don’t know,
that words, thoughts, and attitudes make the healing so slow.
The focus you have and what you seek to find,
might fog your soul and take over your mind.
Is it lovely and pure and tainted with trust?
Is it fighting each day with what seems unjust?
There are good days and bad days,
The right ways and wrong ways.
Constant comparison is acute and grave,
To overcome it, alone, makes one brave.
Smiles on the outside are still very real,
The peace on the inside tries to conceal.
It’s tough and it’s tiring trying to fight,
Symptoms that hit you with all their might.
Chronic perfection is sought through scrolling our thumbs,
Chronic indifference lingers with words off our tongues.
If you’re battling an illness stay far from the crowd,
that don’t understand hurt; only loud and proud.
To feel healthy and loved is a marvelous gift,
Fasten your faith and try not to drift. 
Grapple your grit when the pain arrives
Give thanks to the Lord for being alive.
If you feel it is getting the best of you,
Know that you’re loved…HE’LL carry you through.🤍

Have faith 🤍