Is it quiet or loud?
 Do you feel shameful or proud?
 Are you nervous or unsure?
 Or is it all like a blur?
 Memories of better times 
 Without news of so many crimes.
 It was there but we didn’t see,
 More things under lock and key. 
 “We all have rights”, you will hear declared. 
 It might cost many lives and leave some in despair.
 To lay your life down for another
 Greater love hath no man this this.
 To swirl hate and be violent
 Is cruel and thoughtless.
 To die for a cause may be somebody’s goal, 
 I’ll pray for you daily and hope for your soul,
 The lines might be drawn, but God gives us hope,
 My faith is so strong and that’s just how I cope.
 I’m not empty-headed naïve or even untaught,
 I stay balanced and focused on truth I have sought.
 If one day I should meet you I can guarantee,
 I’ll treat you with respect; that’s just being me.
 They’ll be coming a time when truth wins the day,
 No heartache; no tears; and I know the way.
 Be wise and be ready and be willing to wait,
 And I pray in the future we’ll meet at the gate.  
Photo by Pexels.com