Full Plate

We’re sitting around the family table. I can’t help but smile. Can we all share one thing in which we’re grateful? The laughter is contagious. Dad’s at the head of the table~Momma seated by him. My sons, daughter-in-laws, sisters, brother-in-law, niece, and for the first time, my grandkids are with us too.

An hour before we sat down we had joined Mom in the kitchen to break up bread for dressing (and sample any other divinely delectable dishes that will soon blanket the family table). Our hunger had time to build (who would dare show up to Mom’s “not hungry”?). Yet, we knew there’d be leftovers to share with others; and with those who had none. Today we are thankful. Shouldn’t I feel this everyday?

This isn’t how Thanksgiving is going to look this year. For many of us. We won’t be sitting at the same table. But my plate is still going to be full.

“Carve the turkey please!”~I’m going to carve time each day to sit in silence with thankfulness and praise.

“Dip me some mashed potatoes.”~I’m going to soulfully dip more discernment and determination.

“Pour on that gravy!”~I’m going to pour on the gratitude over every little thing in my life. And you can bet I’m gonna pour some on you.

“Grab a roll!”~I’ll drop anything too hot to handle and “bona fide butter up” Jesus for being my bread of life. I’ll do my best to grab the things that matter the most.

“Dish me some green bean casserole!”~I’m going to dish out positivity, kindness, and concern as much as possible; and season it as needed.

“Scoop me some stuffing!”~I’m going to take every opportunity to scoop out negative thoughts and shovel in repeated positive thoughts of love and truth.

“Slice me off a piece of that pie!”~I’m going to slice, into bits, the mega moves that like to leave me with “pie in the face” and swap it with a huge sliver of the sweet things in life.

“Hand me a napkin please!”~I’m going to continue to wipe off what’s messy and being thankful for the clean towel provided each day.

How full is your plate? For some, our plates are full of all the things we need to do or feel we should do. For 30 days I’ve spent many hours in my tiny space excited, and a bit scared, about a new move. My plate is full. And ironically, they’re paper plates~I can’t put anymore on them. Soon I’ll be sitting in my new small house (bigger than “tiny”). No longer will I live in a home on wheels. I’ll have bigger cupboards to fill and a full-size refrigerator. I’m not going to worry about my black and gray tanks, my propane levels, and the space. I’ve learned from my own family, and by living “tiny”, one really doesn’t need much. And as soon as I have my own family table again I’ll plenish my platter with what really matters.

Have faith 💚

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7
My sweet parents ordered us “kids” a Thanksgiving Meal as a way to celebrate at a distance. Now if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is. ❣

55 thoughts on “Full Plate

  1. Unfortunately for many, this Thanksgiving will look different than previous ones. We’ll have a very small gathering while eating outdoors. Fortunately, the weather in Phoenix is still lovely for outdoor dining.
    Congratulations on the new living situation. I hope you’ll share the details with us. We’re in the process of looking at different options ourselves.🦃

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    1. Ingrid, it’s so good to know you’re doing well. Just this morning I thought of you as I had Jeff contact the campground in AZ in regards to January stay. This is a year we’ll never forget. I’m glad you’ll have a small gathering in your beautiful area. We’ve been fortunate to have fairly mild weather here thus far; I hear it will change after next week. Once I close I’ll have to put out pictures when I get settled in my mansion (1,086 sq ft will definitely seem large again-but perfect 👌🏻). Happy Thanksgiving 🦃!

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    1. Wow John! You affirmed one goal (of many) I had in starting my blog~to hopefully unite us all in similar situations and workings of the minds and hearts. Encouragement is something we could all use more of each day. Thank you for encouraging me! I feel the same way about your posts. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

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    1. kriddy70

      I’m thankful and blessed and this just made me MORE thankful and blessed for YOU. Beautiful reminders!!! I’m going to miss us being around the table. Until we do it again, I’m just going to Praise God for what we have and rejoice in your new move to come!! I love you terribly. ❤

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    1. I wondered what you 3 would be doing for Thanksgiving. My neighbor and I (29 year old former Air Force~she keeps me “hip”) will share our plates and volunteered to clean a couple of cabins here at the resort. It seems to be a record-setting year. Finn and I wish you all a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving too. 🐶 🐾❤️🤗

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  2. Karla, thanks for sharing family memories as well as reminding us we have much to be grateful for. My wife and I may be sitting down to a table for two this Thanksgiving, but our Ohio and Montana families will still be close by. May God’s grace and peace cover the two of you as you transition to a home. Amazing!

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    1. Richard, I appreciate your words and wish you both a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know that you live a life of gratitude and it’s an example for us all. God’s love and peace to all of you. I’m excited about the move; and there’s been some delays due to the high volume of home sales, but it will be worth it and I’ve learned patience is a gift.

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  3. A beautiful quote by Thoreau. Tears brimming, reading your sentence, Karla,”But my plate is still going to be full.” Very true. Okay, then more tears brimming reading your meaningful descriptions using Thanksgiving words. “….grab the things that matter most.” I have been filling my plate with an abundance of worries and concerns. I plan to change this today after reading your exceptionally beautiful post. Thank you Karla. Happy Thanksgiving.xx

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  4. Hi there K.L. ! Great post! How very important it is that we count our blessings and appreciate the moment.
    Time is passing by incredibly fast. It’s a blessings to have shares like yours to remind us how full our plates are with God’s love. Happiness joy and love to you Andy our family always and too for the fast approaching new year. Cheers!💕🍂💕🎼🎼☕️☕️🍃🌺

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      1. That verse from Philippians is such a good one. God’s peace is so much greater than any worldly peace we can imagine, so praying with thanksgiving and hope in our hearts is the best decision we can make.

        Thank you for sharing hope, and encouragement to be thankful for all we have in our lives. ♥

        Keep on keeping on being awesome.

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      2. Aww, thank you my friend. His peace is the only way I’ve made it this far. Your kind words to me give me encouragement. I love how God has placed so many souls searching for him together on this community. Thank you again for your kind words. Stay blessed and healthy. 🙏🏻❣️

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