Laundered love

This morning…

Trips to the laundromat keep me humble. While clothes spin round and round I’m smiling at the good of humanity around me.

I arrived early to use the triple-load washer. So did she; all three of them. “Here you can use one!” she exclaimed. I airhugged her with a “God bless you!”

In the meantime another couple arrived. And then a Dad with two SMALL kids and a car load of laundry.

We were all watching. There was a sudden sense of shared compassion between us. Meeting at the door we ALL broke into action as if we had this game plan etched out a long time.

The door was opened. Dirty laundry was carried and little guys escorted. Without shoes on their feet and grins on their faces they greeted us back. I was in love. Well-done team!

Well here they are!

All of us continued our chores with a sense of satisfaction. Time went quickly.

Harriet, the “she” that gave up a machine (and her name) said it was great to meet me. “And you as well,” I said. And of course airhug.

He, one-half of the duo also doing laundry, helped me carry my largest basket to my car.

“Every time I come here I’m blessed in some way. You are so kind to help me,” I declared.

“Well, ma’am I was raised in Mississippi and if my Mom were alive she would’ve kicked my butt for not helping! That’s just how I was raised and still believe it at 50!”

“Me too!”

We all have dirty laundry. You don’t have to carry it alone. Coming clean is freeing. Look around and help carry a load when you can.

Have faith 💚


45 thoughts on “Laundered love

    1. Dear friend, I found this comment in my spam! Oh my! I appreciate your support and often wonder how you are doing! Have a blessed week my friend. I hope you are doing well! Peace, hugs, and love!


  1. I enjoy laundromats! I lived at a spiritual community, Lama Foundation, north of Taos, NM, for 4 months one summer/fall. Everyday community members had “wheel” jobs to do whether it was the silk screening I learned to do, washing dishes, cooking one of the three meals, outhouse clean up, laundry, etc. Doing laundry for the community was quite an undertaking. It entailed hauling all the trash cans filled with laundry to your vehicle, hauling them into the laundromat, and taking over the laundromat pretty much. Then, after finishing and hauling them all back into your vehicle and up the mountain and into the main gathering place, you had to sort it all into piles for each community member. It felt like quite an accomplishment to finish it all. Glad you have a friendly place to use there!

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    1. I’m so sorry I’m just responding. I’m unsure of how I missed it! Wow Katelon what an experience and lots of work for you! And a blessing I’m sure. By the way, I have special
      memories of Taos as it was one of the most peaceful places when I visited. Hope you’re doing wonderful!


  2. Beautiful and true. Last time I used a laundromat was nearly 7 years ago when I first got here and was in a cabin up in the mountains until I found my house. I felt weird and nervous and alien AND I couldn’t leave my three dogs in the cabin while I did wash. I had to load them into my rental van and take them with me. Everyone was so nice to me that some of my trepidation at such a drastic move fell away and over the month I lived there I got to know the owner. I knew I wasn’t in San Diego any more for sure. People here visit and are curious about each other. I was grateful for the kindness and being back in my own “culture.” ❤

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    1. Thank you Martha🤗💚. I’m picturing you and your furry kids headed there. 🧺
      When I first visited a laundromat years ago it felt foreign. Over the years some of my most amazing human connections have been while doing laundry. This area is curious a bit too. By living in a tourist area I tend to meet many nomads when “worshing”. I find people fascinating ~their stories too. I imagine that once I decide to get in a house I’ll still have to visit this place. It takes effort and is necessary. And that usually equates to something good. 💕

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      1. Yep. I used to get a lot of papers graded at the laundromat before I got a washer and dryer. 🙂 Just think of all those generations of ladies washing their clothes together long the river, talking and their kids playing. It might be one of the social things people have historically done.

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    1. Thank you so much John! Just like the world we all spin our own way. It makes my heart happy that some connect to my style. I love “homespun” (hmmm a jazzy new name for non-fiction. We can add flair to genres!)! I’m glad I found your blog too. I appreciate your comments so
      much. 😊

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  3. Ah yes, I can remember my times at a laundromat during college as well as my single days when I didn’t own a washer and dryer. You are right Karla about having the “drill” down pat. I think I could still give it a go if needed. Thanks for sharing your own personal testament as well, and the C. S. Lewis quote tells it like it is!

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  4. Reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad used to round us all up and take us to the laundromat when he fell behind on the wash. He always gave us lots of quarters for the arcade games and candy machines in there 🙂 Also I love that lost socks board.

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