This was written in November 2019 (pre-“C”) Flash forward 6 months and my thoughts are the same. For some the absence of face-to-face is satisfying. Others may crave it. Despite our differing views, one truth exists~we all communicate.

The glare of the screen will never replace the light of sun.  And viewing 1200-1800 pixels on a post will never replace the realness of real.   The silence is deafening and the air feels stale without words.

It was practiced during my day-looking someone directly in the eye.  Even nodding your head to confirm their thoughts.  Maybe a tilt of the head to display interest.  Even a smile to represent the humanness of the verbal exchange.  There would be a pause and that meant that the speaker is graciously giving the opportunity for a listener to respond-simply ingenious.

It seems now most heads are down.  Rarely will you hear a voice.  But you’ll hear a click or a ding.  It’s to notify.   Someone is living, someone died, someone is sharing a funny, someone is wondering what you’re doing. Milestones in life are celebrated on a screen.   These technology talks should bring us closer, so they say.  Yes, some celebrations of life last only the length of your battery.

I look up and around-and get out. It’s with nature I have the best dialogue.  The two of us prefer face-to-face.  Imagine a stare-down contest.  Nature always wins.  Sometimes I chit-chat with the leaves and squirrels.   The trees nod to show they understand me.  Clearly, they’re seen as they are and don’t hide from their reality.  They only know to exist in truth.  During parts of the year they’ll stand completely bare.  There will be no beautiful cover.  For they know glorious change is just around the corner.  

The wind embraces me, and sometimes sings a melody, when it’s time to hug goodbye. 

“It was great to see you!”

“And you as well.”

“Let’s meet again.”

“Yes, face-to-face!”

Have faith💚


32 thoughts on “Face-to-Face

  1. You are speaking my language, dear Karla. May God bring us to meet face to face someday while hiking in His nature! I have the utter privilege of walking tonight with a sister in Christ, also a friend. We can text. Sure! We can even get on the phone and pray. Sure! But nothing beats the real, as you so eloquently put here. Have a blessed day meeting with Him as He meets with you. Love in Christ, Julie

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  2. Too much face-to-face contact with people exhausts me which doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I’ve also learned I’m a person people like to talk to; I listen. But the communication I want most isn’t with people. I prefer the consistency of the natural world. Most humans are as confused and confusing as I am! 😀

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  3. My dogs and I have a daily appointment to speak face-to-face with Nature. She sustains us, recharges our batteries so we (I) can deal with all the other challenges of life. Nature never lets us down. She always welcomes us. We always leave our conversations refreshed, inspired, and energized. What a great friend!

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  4. This post is even more relevant today than in November. We had a face-to-face yesterday outside with another couple (6 feet apart, of course). It was the first time we had seen them since early March. It only lasted half an hour but I didn’t want it to end!

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  5. I feel the life force in everything and I greet it. Being out amongst nature is such a huge tonic for the soul. Sometimes I just need to be with my dogs – dogs really pay attention to you. It is sad how distracted from our own wonderful lives humans have become. The screens will never have the energy of the sun. A beautiful post, I enjoyed this so much.

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  6. I dearly miss face-to-face interactions with people. One of the greatest gifts I received as an educator was the daily, social dialogue with children and adults. We were created to share life with others in a direct manner, not indirectly through a device. For now, outside of my spouse, my social interactions are with nature.

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    1. Devices wear me out. And unfortunately, at times, people wear me out too. For me it’s connecting with those that either grow me or whom I can help too. The most authentic audience I’ve ever known is students. We were definitely created for interaction. And sadly, the motives of some (and kids at times too) can be draining. And nature steps in and creates this beautiful conversation of hope. For me, seeing family and interacting with those that are of the Spirit feed me the best. The older I get, the smaller my group. I can be overwhelmed in large groups. Interestingly, I didn’t feel that way in a classroom. I always appreciate your feedback and thoughts. I soak in your wisdom.


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