Then when?

It’s been important for me to fast lately, not from food, but from the media and technology. During this quiet existence I’ve had to isolate my brain a bit from the toxic virus of negativity. There’s positiveness all around if we choose to see it. Just take a look at the 97 yr old veteran dancing below. 💚

I’ve often wondered, “what can be discovered or invented that will top the charts of what we have already?”  I’m watching and waiting.  This is a fertile field for miracles.     

The truth
You may know it
You may think you know it
We are all in this together
For real
Why judge?
Six feet apart
Are we immune to grace?
It won’t be this way forever
Play nice
Tough times
Are you alone?
Are you doing ok?
You have my love and my support
Hold on
Don’t fear
It all will end
How will we be better?
Take off our masks and shake a hand
Have faith💚
We can do this!

33 thoughts on “Then when?

  1. I’m right there with you fasting from the media and the negativity. In fact, this is how I’ve been living my life for many years so how I am living now is not much different. Yes this too shall pass and I too question how can we be better? What can we create that benefits ALL? Unfortunately, the video did not come through for me. There is just a blank space. I really enjoyed your poem. Thank you so much for your outlook and sharing your talent. Have a great day!! xo

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    1. Aww. Thank you for your feedback! It’s such a simpler life without all the background media mania 🤦🏼‍♀️😂. As for the video, perhaps you might help. When I “embed” on block style for YouTube it will appear on a PC. I don’t think it’s iOS supported. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I don’t always understand. Hmmm. God bless you, Amy! 💚🤗

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      1. Huh. I was on a laptop not iOS. I have trouble figuring out how to get something from YouTube to copy and paste too. Don’t look to me for guidance. I honestly don’t know what I am doing at times on here. LOL Hope you are having a great day! xo

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      2. Too funny! Oh well, you never know with technology! A great day thus far….chilly here in SW MO! Spring hasn’t decided if it wants to stay or not. Lol! Hope yours is great too! Xo

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  2. Another profoundly, encouraging post, K.L. I love it! No, we cannot let this pandemic get us down. Your share is very positive and a real inspiration to all who will stop by, and read. The real social distancing is an obvious reality that you are currently exercising… fasting from the world’s cyber connects, which is probably the reason why many of us are spaced out! Cheers!❤️🙏

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  3. One effect of all this on my life and that of the people to whom I’m close here in my little town is we MISS each other. We have found ourselves expressing in words things we might never otherwise have said. Today I was driving up my alley and my neighbor (also my friend) was out tending her outside-the-fence garden. We talked a long time — me in my car, her in the alley. We had so much to say. Both of us are introverts, but it was so nice to be there at that moment sharing the stories of how things have been for the past month, people we’d talked to that we hadn’t spoken to in years. This could be a big change for the better. ❤

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    1. How splendid! I’m so glad you visited with your friend. I did a big “no no” today. I took quarantine gifts to my family. And then I HAD to see my twin. And we just stood and cried. Ridiculously. It seemed it was needed. Even though I love my little quiet RV world, I recognize the need for connections. I’ll stay positive like you~this can be better 💚🤗

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  4. I hope that those masks will not be just the physical but the metaphorical as well. I hope people are so grateful for this to be over and have their lives back that they don’t take them for granted anymore – or other people either. I hope the good sticks and the bad soon forgotten . Beautiful post and I love that video.


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