Can I be Cliché?

You know the old’ cliché, “I don’t mean to sound cliché, but…would you pardon me as I purposefully be cliché? I know, I know-as writers, we’re supposed to “avoid them like the plague.” Please don’t get your “knickers in a knot” or a “bee in your bonnet.” It’s always good to “think outside the box” during times like these.

I know I’m not “over the hill”, “older than Methuselah”, or even as “old as dirt” YET.  And thus far, “laughter has been my best medicine.”  I’m a “chip off the old block” and work hard to “keep my chin up.”

And for the rest of us? Only “time will tell” if we all choose to actually “live happily ever after.”

I’ve seen the “writing on the wall” and some are “scared out of their wits.”   In the face of so many challenges it’s also evident that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Knowing that “time heals all wounds” and that “every cloud has it silver lining” help solidify my faith in the unknown.  Truly I know the “grass isn’t always greener on the other side”; therefore, I’m working diligently to “water my own grass.”

Times like these seem to “last an eternity.”   And sometimes I relish in the fact that “ignorance is bliss.” But I also know it’s wise to “be safe than sorry.” 

“You can’t please everyone” when dealing with such crisis situations.  Some of us are living “frightened to death” and some know “nothing lasts forever.”

It’s true that “love is blind.”  God truly loves me despite everything.  So far, “what hasn’t killed me has made me stronger.”

There’s “no time like the present” to allow our “actions to speak louder than words.”  Though we may wear a mask, are we smiling with our eyes?  Though we may not handshake, are we gesturing with encouragement?  

Do you think all this “absence will make our hearts grow fonder?” 

“Only time will tell” …

Have faith 💚

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Pictures taken on my hike at Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area, Branson, MO 4/7/20


37 thoughts on “Can I be Cliché?

  1. Dear Karla, I would have had to get up pretty early to keep up with you here! Thank you for your lightheartedness to a grave situation. I am beginning to know more and more who are affected by the virus. Praying, laying, praising, on my knees this coming weekend. Let me know how I may pray for you.

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    1. Thank you, we need humor! Each day I pray that through miracles resulting of any kind through~isolation, affliction, circumstances, whatever they may be ~ that Jesus becomes more real in the lives of my loved ones and to humanity in general. Specifically, I have a little grand girl due June 12th and a ticket to be there in Spokane for her birth. God-willing, I will be. And my prayer is that my son will be present for her birth. And if I’m not there, I understand. But that she is healthy and safe. That’s all that matters. Both of my sons serve in the Air Force. Their precious wives are tremendous blessings. Asher Isaiah,my grandson born last July in Fairbanks, Alaska, is 9 months old. May we all look to him for all of our needs~and celebrate the abundant life he truly wants us to have. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers Julie. 🙏🏻💚❤️

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      1. Karla, adding you and your precious family to my prayers. Thank your sons and their wives for their service. My husband served in the Airforce before becoming a police officer. And Amen! Celebrating the life-giver! Thank you, Jesus.

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  2. I had a friend who was (30+ years ago) in a bad love situation. She went to the local Chinese restaurant every day for lunch, mostly for the fortune cookies. Years later, she was having some other kinds of problems with a different man and with her grown kids. She’d pour out her heart, I’d offer a cliche. She’s take it like it was wisdom. I painted her a picture of fortune cookies in a blue sky and each fortune was one of her favorite and most useful cliches. There’s a reason people have been saying them forever. There’s a germ of truth to most of them. I really enjoyed this post!!!

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  3. Now, THAT was brilliantly clever. Well done. The idea of writing an essay almost exclusively with cliches fits this time of strange-new, unique, once in a lifetime(we hope) Corona Virus worldwide experience — because everything we think and do, we are thinking and doing together in the same ways and so in a sense we are all thinking and doing “in cliches”. And yet, your essay proves that even though we poo-poo cliches, they become cliches for a reason — they are true. Well done. Loved this.

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