Back to Basics

How are you finding balance during these times? Life is shifting for many. For me, this last week also included a move back to my R.V. for a workkamping season. There’s comfort in my 300 sq. ft. quarantine of the campground. And for other reasons, I find my basics are met here.

Life is far from typical for everyone right now. Yet, some families are are fortunate to spend quality time with loved ones here at the campground. It’s an oasis of like-mindedness and good health (thank God for now anyway). We’re all united by at least one common fact~ NO ONE I’ve talked to has experienced anything like this in life. For some, I worry that the stress of the unknown might be worse than the virus. I take the guidelines very serious. In no way do I feel “immune” to the virus. Specifically, I have a compromised system that puts me in a higher risk category. But I refuse to have a “the sky is falling” attitude. Some will see only the negative in everything, some will see positive, some will be indifferent, some will be unrealistic, some will be healthy, some will become ill, and sadly, some have and will die. How are we meeting the basic needs of our fellow humans?

During these days~where more kids are home than in school, parents that typically work out of the home may be home, homeless might still be homeless, employed now unemployed, and no-risk occupations become high-risk with exposure~I have found comfort in the simple joys of life. You see, living in an R.V. for several years solidified my mantra of, “I don’t need much to survive.” Could we all agree that we probably have more than we need? And for some right now, the basics aren’t just being met.

Have you ever heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Abraham Maslow pegged this theory I learned in my college days. It guided me in teaching. And still resonates as time has proven these layers can overlap.

In my lifetime I’ve witnessed those that just live for work and success. And just the opposite, those that live only in a “spiritual” realm that may not focus on the bottom two tiers of this pyramid. No matter how you look at this pyramid (and how you live it), the bottom two tiers are levels that help us reach the top.

Social media can be a wonderful motivational tool that helps us FEEL that belongingness, love, friends, and humor are key to getting through these times. I don’t disagree with the many advantages of how it is helping so many. But hopefully, one will not spend so much seeking the top two pyramids to soothe the “ache” in the soul that the bottom two levels aren’t met (please do NOT USE THIS UPDATED PYRAMID😏)

I share all of this for this reason: How is your family? How is your neighbor? Friends, how are we helping others (and ourselves) meet the basic needs so that we can keep rising to our best selves?

For me, I’m having to truly limit my time watching the news and focusing on the things in which I have no control. I’ll remain diligent and smart in regards to the reality. And hopefully, we will all continue to have our basic needs met to rise to our best selves yet. May we continue to move ahead together and cement the blocks of faith that will keep our own homes on solid ground.

Have faith💚


16 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Are you seeing fewer people in the campground now?

    I am reminding people to increase social contact and closeness while they are carrying out the physical distancing the government is demanding!

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    1. Next week we do not have any reservations. 😌 I’m getting ready to take another walk and it appears two more came in today. Our State Parks are closed~other than day use! And no tag free fishing 🎣! Thank you for all your efforts! 💚

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  2. Long ago I had to teach Maslow’s Triangle in critical thinking classes. The author of the book contrasted it with Victor Frankl who’d experienced that the layers are not necessarily steps in quest for self-realization. He based his understanding on how people behaved in the concentration camp in which he had be interred in WW II.

    I really like your take on it, the addition of those three levels. Facebook is THE major communication tool here. So many groups that have evolved through this new situation. It’s amazing to watch all that is happening, from a furniture factory using its laser cutting machine to cut out fabric for masks that will be put into kits for people to sew — 1700 people are now sewing masks and only 40,000 people live here. There’s so much more that emerged because of Facebook.

    Colorado campgrounds are closed. Many trailheads are also closed. I don’t think they can close the Big Empty on Bear, Teddy and me.

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  3. Your comment led me to your site. It’s comforted me quite a bit being on the front lines and all. New York has turned into Da Nang, 1975. I went and saw the makeshift hospital in the Park that threw me for a loop. I’m grateful to be okay at this moment, but who knows for how long since people who you’d never expect to, are coming down with this biblical virus.

    Anyway, thank you for reading one of my essays. Susannah

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    1. I can’t imagine being in New York. I’m so glad you’re doing ok. 🙏🏻 in my small piece of USA 🇺🇸 we haven’t seen the peak. We’re a far cry from the epicenter~nevertheless, we’re experiencing a new life indeed. I suspect we’ll all be impacted. I’m so glad there’s comfort through connection. Prayers and blessings for health💚 I’ll stay in touch

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      1. I’m glad you’re not New York. Thanks God for that. I keep asking myself why we got hit so hard. Public transportation maybe? I know of many who ride Jersey Transit who have been infected. Many self-isolate and get better reasonably fast, but others, they just spiral down. In any event, pray indeed. Thanks.

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  4. I live in NY and having said that, I still will not bend my knee to fear. I still go to the parks and keep documenting Spring coming to life. I also have immune issues and am very aware of how close people come to me. For the most part, all are being respectful of keeping the social distance. With so much taken away from us, I agree that the basics, the fundamental basics, are what is important. Now when I have a conversation, I cherish it and I tell the other party I am cherishing it. When I see others and just say “Good morning” that small touch is a Blessing. I am so grateful to have what I do have while so many are struggling. You stay well and keep up with the safety precautions. We all will get through this. And when we come out on the other side, our lives will be forever changed. Much love to you! xo

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  5. Happy you are being safe and cautious. I agree we need to continue living with a positive outlook, even while experiencing the challenges of being sheltered-in-pace in central Ohio. I am looking forward to traveling out west again when life settles back down, whenever this finally occurs.

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