Love & War

Branson, Missouri is known for its incredible recognition for our Veterans 🇺🇸.

When I was workamping at a nearby campground one veteran shared that he didn’t “deserve” the extra attention. He went on to state it was “too much.”

“Sir, I humbly and respectfully disagree. You see, I’m in awe with your generation.”

No other generation will live and fight the way you did. Just as those after us are fighting an entirely different war ~humanity defeating itself.

Hallowed grounds 🇺🇸
The iconic V-J (Victory over Japan) kiss

This is what love looks like. A time when men and women, out of volunteerism, pride, or perhaps force, left the known to fight for the unknown. So many lives were lost~and so many separated. Love was different. It wasn’t about the gifts and other material items. It oozed with sacrifice and the mindset “love is action”.

Yesterday, my Valentine and I walked 10 halls dedicated to our men and women in uniform. As a history lover, I’d rather spend any day (other than in nature) learning, observing, and showing gratitude to those that left a legacy of love. And to the couples who knew how to overcome war~and fought through it~thank you from the bottom of this Missouri gal’s heart. ❣️

I dedicate this post to every person separated from their true Valentine. Thank you to my own sons for their service in the Air Force~and to my daughter-in-law’s, grandchild (and another on the way 👏🏻) ~thank you for loving them. In a time where we crave peace~we know that ultimately, love wins every time.

Have faith 💚


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