A Super Bowl to Remember

The sensational Sunday game’s outcome is still rumbling in Missouri. “Hail to the Chiefs” were the headlines today! Super Bowl LIV is one for the “books” for me.

At the bank, the store, and everywhere else I’ve visited today, the game was the talk. My conversation with a bank teller was probably typical of most in the cave state today. “Did you see that game last night?”, she asked excitedly. “How about that Patrick Mahomes? Can you believe he pulled it off?” And my response was, “Yes! I saw it and yes, I believed he could do it!” Pride is dripping all over the Show-Me State!

It didn’t surprise me when Patrick Mahomes launched the longest completed pass by air this season. That monster throw, with less than 9 minutes left, was evidence of the God-given talent and athletic ability the 24 yr-old has shown all season. Of course credit has to be given to Hill, Kelce, Williams, and the rest of the team. A huge congratulations is due to Coach Andy Reid.

As an avid sports fan, it’s the stories of faith, grit, determination, and persistence that spur me. My Dad was an athlete and coach, and he taught these traits. True stories of individuals, despite obstacles in their way, who “rise to the top” stir my heart and soul. They make me want to be better~to not give up.

Which sport is your favorite? I must admit that I “grumble” sometimes at the amount of money athletes get paid. Despite my groanings at times, I find myself immersed in comeback stories. It’s easy to respect the ones who use their gifts to help the lives of others. The list is VERY long of all the athletes who HAVE given to others. And to those who display their faith~thank you for inspiring me. There are those who point their index finger to the sky to give God the glory. Some who say HIS name. And others, who quietly display their faith. Just like us everyday folks.

To be dauntless is a wonderful goal. And to nurture my faith to be able to complete outlandish feats~well,….who wouldn’t want that? Winning over doubters isn’t easy.

The Chiefs almost lost their run about a month ago. They were down double-digits to Houston…and then Mahomes and Co. made a comeback to win by 20. Last night’s epic 4th quarter won them their first title in 50 years.

I have several double-digits to erase. And oddly, nearing 50 years, I’m braced for a comeback. The prize is ahead of me. 🏆 The victory is already won.

Have faith. 💚

One of my all-time favorite faith-filled players , Kurt Warner