“Flat on my Faith”

Branson, MO

When was the last time you fell? Was it off a step? Or even a cliff like the one above I crisscrossed on a recent hike? Maybe you’ve lost your entire balance in life. And you’ve fallen…..hard.

To many, this world may seem “fallen”. From politics to religion, destitute to spoiled, “normal” to crazy, fast to slow, old to new, and the list could go on & on……. We are all unique~we each have differences. But what we DO share is the fragility of being human. We all experience life, love, and loss.

Sluice Boxes State Park, Montana (son #2 & daughter-in-law)

TRUTHS: I’m a huge fan of westerns, military movies, and “Little House on the Prairie”. You won’t find me glued to any reality show, unless it’s Alaska~The Last Frontier, or some show where humans “go off the grid”, climb El Capitan, survive the jungle, etc… True stories & documentaries~ I love them! There are occasions I enjoy watching something fiction~but in this sugar-coated, glossed-over, hide-behind-social-media world around me, nothing beats the truth. And there’s nothing more inspiring to me than stories of over-comers. The ones who “beat the odds”. And at the end there’s a common theme-love and family. Sometimes, the characters do not survive; yet, their grueling tales of grit and determination still inspire me.

What’s your true story? Perhaps you were hiking a trail and sidestepped~took a path that seemed perfect, only to wander around lost for a while. Or you were at the top of a mountain after an exhausting hike~and you fell on your descent. Of course I’m speaking figuratively about the valleys and peaks. But for some of us, the realness of nature and the physical act of traversing, climbing, navigating, and exploring bring the truth to the forefront. I literally have fallen flat on the ground. And landed flat on my faith. Getting up is never easy. It’s a hope of what I cannot always see. At times, the falls have created physical limitations; other times~mental, emotional, and spiritual. And some, I just don’t remember.

Idaho (son #1 & daughter-in-law)

Humbly, I take full responsibility for the decisions I’ve made in life. I imagine myself on the stand next to THE judge~my hand on a Bible. “Yes, I promise to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”, I say with confidence. “I already know”, HE replies (in a booming, yet gentle, voice). If you believe the Bible to be THE WORD, then you know, John the Baptist got his head served on a platter for living his truth. Don’t live with those around you in “collective silence”. Find your truth and live it~you’re never alone.

Coming soon~Spring is just around the corner {and so is workkamping for me}. If you’ve “tasted” RV life, or crave a minimalistic view, hopefully, my future blogs will resonate with you! Keep the faith. ❣️