Faith, flannel, and nearing 50

To be as rugged and durable as the flannel I’m wearing today is just one of many goals I have set as I “tread the heels” of my half-century mark. My personal date of manufacture was July 8, 1970. Flannel, on the other hand, has many years on me.

Preppy flannel hiking look 😉

My imagination takes me to 16th century Wales~walking through epic breathtaking valleys and sweeping landscapes. Certainly the Prince and Princess, dwelling in the ancient and beautiful stone castle, wore flannel (surely, right?) Travel back years earlier, say 6th or 7th centuries, and you might see the “plaid” pattern.

Can we all agree plaid is a pattern, whilst flannel is a fabric?

Flannel was created through a finishing process on one or both sides (anyone remember being “finished” on one side or the other by a parent?). This process provides a softer, warmer, and heavier material. Our Industrial Revolution gave birth to the flannel of our states. Warming us up during the Great Depression, coupled with protecting the blue collar workers, flannel was, and still remains, a welcome staple to me. How about you?

Throwing on my flannel can be like a trip in a time machine~to a period where humanity didn’t mind being “polished” until our ends stood up and made us tougher and more durable. Like my faith, my flannel remains strong and timeless. They have both provided comfort during decades of mountain climbs, falls, and rests in the valleys. They both hug me each day on life’s trails.

Despite fashion trends, I have faith my flannel will always be my style. For in it, I am my most authentic and beautiful self~polished, worn, stained, comfortable, colorful, warm, and durable.

“For we live by faith, not sight.”

-2 Corinthians 5:7